New York Passes “Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act.” Is Your Business Compliant?

New York Passes “Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act.” Is Your Business Compliant? by Harlan Levine{2:25 minutes to read} Both the State and City of New York have not done a lot to update their definition of sexual harassment. What they have done is enact new laws that require companies, as well as government offices, to provide annual training for employees.   

In May 2018, New York City Council passed the Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act, which requires employers to have mandatory anti-sexual harassment training for all their employees, including supervisors and management. The interactive training program includes an updated definition, examples of harassment, and an overall education for employees on how to intervene if they see harassment happening.  The training needs to describe the complaint process, both within the company and externally to state and city agencies.

In addition to training, postings are required to assure that these anti-sexual harassment policies are communicated to their workforces.  New York City intends on distributing posters that employers must display advising their employees of their rights and responsibilities relating to sexual harassment in the workplace.  It is important to note that harassment can come from both within the company and from those that visit the workplace, such as vendors and service providers.

The Act also bans companies from including a confidentiality clause in any settlement agreement, similar to the one Stormy Daniels was required to sign. The only exception is if the victim requests confidentiality. No one is quite sure how the the new laws will be enforced but it’s almost certain that fines will be implemented, especially for those companies who violate the law on a regular basis.

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