Business owners typically take it for granted that when they are presented with a contract or agreement from a product or service provider, lender, landlord or other party, the contract or agreement is neutral and accurately captures their verbal understanding with a salesman or other person.  This is rarely the case.  Although the basic economic terms of the arrangement may be accurately portrayed, other critical terms often favor the party presenting you with the contract or agreement.

Whether it’s drafting a standard document to be used in your business, negotiating a lease with your landlord, negotiating the terms of financing with a lender or the terms of an agreement with a product or service provider, it is in your best interests to have a competent lawyer assist you throughout the process. Your failure to have a competent lawyer in your corner often proves to have costly ramifications, far more costly than they would have been if you consulted an attorney at the outset.

Quite simply, lawyers are trained to review contracts and to point out issues that may prove to be harmful to their clients. At an experienced firm like Levine Law, LLC, serving Long Island, New York City and throughout the Tri-State area will skillfully draft and negotiate your contracts to assure that they accurately capture your understanding, conform with applicable law and will achieve what you want them to.  In fact, in many instances, we are able to negotiate even better terms than you were able to negotiate.  As a result, what you initially thought was a legal expense ended up saving or generating money for you.

Better Negotiations – Better Contracts

Levine Law, LLC takes the time to understand your business and negotiates transactions on your behalf as if it were our own. If you require assistance in any contract negotiation matter, or if you use agreements in your business that you believe are in need of review, we welcome you to give us a call at (516) 921-6700. Talk to us and let us help you be on the winning side.