The acquisition and sale of commercial real estate is hardly limited to real estate investors these days.  In fact, many of the clients Levine Law, LLC represents in the acquisition of commercial real estate are primarily engaged in other businesses.  Sometimes the acquisition involves the buildings in which our client’s business is located; other times our client is purchasing commercial property for investment and diversification purposes.

Commercial real estate transactions are often complicated and require substantial personal investment and considerable bank or lender financing.  Among the many complexities that arise in commercial real estate transactions relate to title, financing and the tax consequences of the transaction. Your attorney should be adept at explaining these issues to you and finding ways to resolve them.  At Levine Law, LLC, we will work closely with your accountant and other professionals so your transaction is structured in the most beneficial way to achieve your goals.

Commercial Leasing

The leasing of real estate is also typically far more complex than simply agreeing to terms and signing the form lease presented by your landlord.   Often several rounds of negotiation are required to make sure that your lease contains terms that will allow you to successfully operate your business. A good attorney can not only review the legal terms of a lease but can often negotiate more advantageous terms that can save you thousands of dollars.  Too often clients come to Levine Law having already signed a lease and asking for assistance in resolving a problematic situation that has developed with his or her landlord.

If you have identified commercial real estate that you are interested in buying or selling or are interested in signing a lease or a lease extension, getting a top-notch firm like Levine Law, LLC to guide you through the process from beginning to end should be your highest priority.

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