When starting a business, many clients neglect the basic administrative and organizational structures of their businesses. Others believe that the organizational documents that come with their corporate kits or from service companies will suffice.

The reality is that all businesses and the relationship between a business’ owners are often unique. As a result, its organizational documents require customization. Having drafted hundreds of organizational documents for his clients, from small businesses to public companies, Harlan Levine has encountered almost every situation and is able to provide his clients with the customization they require without “reinventing the wheel” every time – saving you time and money.

Organizational documents are fundamental to growth and credibility

Getting your “house in order” is essential for a variety of reasons.  Certain organizational documents are required by law, others are needed to establish the “rules” that will govern the relationship between owners.  And, should you be raising capital or considering financing, the investors and lenders will certainly require a review of your governing organizational documents.

Don’t wait until the last minute. Having a good set of organizational documents is fundamental to the growth and credibility of your business.  Let Levine Law, LLC assist with the administrative aspects of your business while you focus on operations.