Can Your Website Expose You to Liability?

Can Your Website Expose You to Liability? by Harlan Levine{2:15 minutes to read} Having an online presence, including a user-friendly and ecommerce-ready website, is imperative if you have a product you wish to sell. An ecommerce-ready website can provide:

  • An awareness of products and services that you offer
  • The ability for customers to order product and have you fulfill that order, whether by delivery, pickup, or shipping

As the millennial population becomes more and more your target customer base, and millennials often do everything on their smartphones, I think it’s even more important to have an ecommerce-ready web presence.

However, while it’s important for business owners to beef up their Internet presence, they must make sure their websites comply with applicable laws. Recently, for instance, an abundance of lawsuits have sprung up alleging that websites are not ADA compliant because they are not accessible to those who are visually impaired.  

Your attorney and website design company should work with you to ensure that your web presence is compatible with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the many other laws that govern your online business practices. In addition, business owners must make sure that their terms of sale, privacy notices, and other policies are well drafted to protect their interests. There must also be systems in place to ensure that those terms and policies are kept current and maintained on a continuous basis.

This is where Levine Law can be helpful. We can:

  • Review and draft the terms and policies for your website
  • Advise you to assure that your website complies with relevant laws
  • Negotiate with online marketplaces like or, for example, to allow you to sell products through their highly visited sites

I have clients with businesses that, historically, would be brick and mortar businesses. However, they operate their businesses entirely on the Internet, with no retail or public presence other than ecommerce.

If you are considering opening a cyber storefront, call Levine Law, LLC at (516) 921-6700 for assistance in developing your ecommerce presence.

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