Do All Your Registrations Have Up-To-Date Information?

Do All Your Registrations Have Up-To-Date Information by Harlan LevineRecently, a client contacted me after receiving some Environmental Control Board (ECB) violations. Because my client hadn’t updated his address with the ECB, the violations were sent to his old address. By the time the mail was forwarded, several months had elapsed — past the point of appeal.

As a result, rather than having an opportunity to rectify the violation and/or paying a simple $100 fine, my client had to pay the maximum $1,000 fine for each violation. My client’s only recourse would have been to bring an Article 78 proceeding, but the cost of doing so would have exceeded the amount of the assessed fines. 

It is crucial that each business designates an internal person, such as a controller, to be responsible for maintaining company records with the federal, state and local regulatory bodies where they do business. Typically, clients come to me when they’re already in trouble, rather than taking preventative measures in advance to keep damage to a minimum.

Now is the perfect time to get your house in order. I can come to your office, review your company records, and advise you on the types of registrations that need to be maintained on a regular basis. Businesses are more and more complex every day, and the failure to maintain corporate records can prove quite expensive.


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